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Diesel Engine Supplier from India
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RJ-16 (High Density Polyethlyne Tank)
RBS - A1 (Brass Tank)
High Density Polyethlyne Tank Supplier from India Brass Tank Manufacturer from India
Very Compact shoulder mounted knapsack sprayer with tand moulded from H.D. polyethylene. Suitable for all Crops,develops more pressure in less number of strokes. Tank profile on both sides modified for comfortable carriage on the back of the operator. Lifting handle at top. Douuble Piston type pump.
(1) Very light in Weight.
(2) Very easy to operate.
(3) Very easy to maintain.
(4) Double valve system.
(5) Piston type pump.
(6) Flexible dip tube.
(7) Suitable for operator either with right or left hand as per choice.
(8) Capacity 16 lt.
Back Compact knapsack Sprayer, 16 Ltr. Capacity easy for operation - sturdy in construction ,most versatile Sprayer suitable for all field Corps.
(1) Discharge Line: 110 mm.
(2) Long delivery Hose.
(3) Trigger Cut - off
(4) Device Extention Rod 60 cm. long
(5) One end bent as Gooseneck.
(6) Fine Spray Nozzle.
Rhino - 2000 RS - 101 (High Density Polyethlyne Tank)
Rhino Sprayer Importer from India High Density Polyethlyne Tank Trader from India
Compact knapsack sprayer with tank moulded from H.D polyethylene. Suitable for All Crops, develops sufficient and continous pressure, tank very comfortable both sides back rest. Lifting handle to top.
(1) Light Weight.
(2) Easy to Operate.
(3) Sturdy Construction.
(4) Automatic Agitation.
(5) Filler Hole with Filter.
(6) Lifting handle on Top.
(7) Both hand Operated(Left - Right).
(8) Modified tank profile on both side comfortable carriage.
(9) Capacity 16 lt.
Compact Knapsack sprayers with tank moulded from high density polyethylene suitable for spraying on all crops, develops sufficient and continous pressure, rests comfortably on Operators back , Lifting handle on top of the tank.
(1) Easy Operation.
(2) Automatic Agitation.
(3) Light Weight.
(4) Sturdy Construction.
(5) Filler Hole with Filter.
(6) Right or Left hand Operation.
(7) Capacity 16 lt.
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